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What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (in person session) and Beyond Quantum Healing (online session through video meeting) is a journey into the deepest core of who you truly are. Where all the answers to yourself and the mysteries of the Universe live. By allowing me the honor of guiding you into a very deep brain wave state in order to tune out your ego and personality, you are led to your Higher Self and heart based wisdom. Here is where blocks and fears are discovered and released, new knowledge and wisdom are revealed, and old wounds and traumas are healed.

A QHHT/BQH session’s greatest gift is to promote incredible expansion, wisdom, growth and emotional and physical healing in just one or two sessions. This is because this modality goes directly to the root and heart of what lies beneath the surface of our ego and personality. What is your soul guiding you to discover or release? That is the question Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Beyond Quantum Healing answers.

This modality is designed to be a deep exploration into purpose, path, and finding joy. Each session is unique as an individual and so it is a very personal journey.

The first part of the session is exploring a time and place your Higher Self and Spirit Team know you are ready to explore and because of this you are never guided to more than you can handle. The places and times we travel to are endless in possibilities and they are always exactly what is needed at the moment. You are guided by me as your practitioner and your own spiritual guidance team so your journey is specifically tailored to you. Before the session begins we spend an hour or so getting comfortable, learning about what’s going on in your life, your goals and intentions for the session, and the questions you have brought. You also receive an audio recording of your session so that you can refer back to it any time.

The second part of the session is where we explore 5 – 10 questions that you’ve brought to the session. These questions can be about anything! Common questions are “What is my purpose in life?” “What is the best career choice for me?” “What is my soul purpose?” “What was my most recent past life?” “What steps should I take next in my life?” “Why do I have this physical ailment or disease and can it be healed?” “Is this relationship right for me?” “How can I improve specific skills?” “Who are my spirit guides?” “What lifestyle changes would benefit me?” One of the best and lasting things about having a QHHT/BQH session is that a deep connection to your Higher Self is established and over time continues to become clearer and stronger!

The third part of the session is where we explore what may be possible to release and transform through Quantum Healing. We discuss what your physical and mental health has presented you with throughout your life and we ask what the deeper purpose and reason to experience those things were. We also ask what can be done to end what’s ailing you and if Quantum Healing is appropriate for you at this time. If it is, it happens right then and there during the session!

What is Beyond Quantum Healing?

Beyond Quantum Healing is a supplementary modality to QHHT. It was developed by Candace Craw Goldman a former student and mentee of Dolores Cannon. She was inspired by Dolores Cannon to expand and integrate the possibilities of what can happen during a QHHT session. BQH allows Quantum Healing Hypnosis to be done online in the comfort of your own home or other peaceful environment and incorporate other modalities as well. The choice to do an online session or an in-person session is completely up to you and your preference. There are benefits to both and so feel free to give me an email or set up a call to discuss. More information on Beyond Quantum Healing.

How Does it Work?

QHHT and BQH are similar to a very deep guided meditation and it’s actually quite a simple process! I guide you into the Somnambulistic state through visualization and deep relaxation. You are guided to the theta brain state which is naturally experienced twice every day: right before you fully wake up and right before you fully fall asleep. Once here entire worlds of guidance open up for you. Everything you are, your thoughts, feelings, experiences, memories, patterns, and beliefs are available to explore without any judgment. Together we can discover the deeper meanings and truths to cycles and patterns that you are ready to break out of. Whether it’s to discover your true purpose or path, understand deeper parts of yourself, learn more about relationships, understand where and why you feel stuck, recover old memories, break emotional patterns, discover hidden truths about yourself, heal physical, emotional, and mental issues or all of the above, QHHT/BQH offers life-changing sessions no matter your motivation. Read client reviews to learn more.

Quantum Healing

QHHT and BQH can help identify physical and emotional issues in the body, explain the causes and purpose, and may even be cleared if it is appropriate. Quantum Healing is only appropriate to occur if you truly want to experience it and if it does not interfere with the lessons and purpose of life. This is often instantaneous through Quantum Healing. No surgery, medication, or pain.

For further reading on QHHT check out Dolores Cannon’s QHHT website