Beyond Quantum Healing Online Session Set Up Tips

There are a couple must haves or requirements for our online Zoom session together. I’ve learned some of these the hard way and so I’ve lovingly crafted these tips to ensure that if you follow them you will be setting yourself up for the best case scenario session!

  • A strong internet connection and a laptop or computer close to and in view of the place you will be reclining for the hypnosis portion, a few example photos are below for the set up
  • A headphone and microphone combination. Apple earbuds with the built in microphone or similar product will work. I also highly reccomend this if you do need to purchase something for our session
  • A quiet, private, undisturbed and comfortable room
  • All notifications on your phone, computer, gadgets off. Think of alarms, doorbells, phone notifications etc. 
  • Taking care of other noise making things like pets, children, roomates, etc. 

For the beginning and end of the session you can be in a sitting up position as we will be chatting together.

A couple things to keep in mind are that I’ll need to be able to see your lovely face during the session and we will need to be able to clearly hear each other which is why a good headphone/microphone combo is a very important key.

You will want to make sure you are completely undisturbed and very comfortable. So think about what makes you comfortable, extra blankets? A pillow for underneath your knees? Eye masks are also a great touch as long as your head is reclined enough so it doesn’t fall off.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out, I’d be happy to troubleshoot with you!